COPPER Ductless Mini Split Line Connection Accessory Kit, 1/4''-3/8''-16 ft

Copper pipes 3 layer insulation Brass flare nuts Includes the following: Insulated pre-flared copper refrigerant pipes (length and diameter as chosen) 4 lead communication wire between indoor and outdoor unit (same length as chosen) 10 ft. condensate drain hose Wall passage sleeve with cap and putty Non-adhesive wrapping tape (2" wide, 50' length). Highest Quality Full Copper Piping Kit Set. Compliance with ASTM-B280 Standard (USA-Canada). Dehydrated Soft Drawn Copper Tubes. Three Layer Water Proof P.E. Insulation. Brass Flare Nuts, on ready formed flare ends. Matching Length 1 Gauge 4 Lead Signal Cable set. Plastic dust caps, to keep clean during installation. Wall Sleeve/Liner with Cap. Wall Filler Putty. Non Adhesive Wrapping Tape.

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  • Model: 14-38-16-FT
  • Gross weight: 7.80 LB
  • Box dims (in): 21.50 x 21.50 x 2.50